VOS Squeeze

I made a dumb compressor! Fun little module in both euro and pedal format using a vactrol (or diy) to control the gain of an opamp according to an envelope follower.


Active transistor-based 6 into 1 mixer with mute switches custom built for a touring rig.


MIDI/DIN Sync/Analog Master Clock Built with Arduino Nano this was a simple solution to syncing multiple devices for a musical project of mine for live performance. The controls are start/stop, tempo and swing and the outputs are MIDI Clock, Din Sync 24 and 16th note analog clock gates. Code here!

Fuzz Palace

Germanium NPN fuzz loosely based off of the Mosrite Fuzzrite for the first section then fed into a high gain fet buffer. Goes from warm thick subtle overdrive to all our screaming 60’s fuzzzzzzzz. Super limited edition for this version due to the small quantity of NPNs that I’m using for this. They’re weird and […]

Photon Tricorder V1.3

PhotonTricoder Workshop Board

Schematic and build instructions for the PhotonTricoder Workshop PCB (v1.0-1.2) Start with installing the three 100k mixing resistors. Then add the three 100 ohm current limiting resistors. Bend the legs of the six photocells to fit the footprint on the pcb. Install photocells. Add the two sockets for the ICs making sure to line up […]

Torture Devices

TORTURE DEVICES are electro-acoustic instruments that are simultaneously sound generators, audio processors, and performance scores. A set of lights embedded in the instrument determine where, how, and when performers play. The sound is picked up by contact microphones and processed through shifting feedback delay lines. The result is an unpredictable choreography of movement, sound, and light […]

Stereo SpaceQuest

Stereo prototype version of the Voice of Saturn SpaceQuest lofi analog bit crusher/tremolo pedal. This uses a simple fet transistor based sample and hold circuit with a variable rate clock to go from a slow tremolo to audio rate modulation that results in a bit crushing effect.

Voice of Saturn Booster Stage

The Booster Stage is a fet based circuit that allows for tons of extra gain and some killer harmonic distortion. Made custom to order.

Voice of Saturn Old Fuzzball

Germanium Mosrite Fuzzrite inspired guitar pedal with limited edition artwork by Nathaniel Murphy.

Voice of Saturn Synthesizer mk II

The Voice of Saturn Synthesizer mk II was released in Spring of 2016 originally as a kit for a workshop for the Tom Tom Festival in Charlottesville, VA. There have been several revisions with the current one being configurable as a standalone device or a eurorack module. It features 4 oscillators, 2 lfos, a ring […]

Voice of Saturn Modulator

The Voice of Saturn Modulator was a module designed around an OTA based Voltage Controlled amplifier and a function generator chip that served as an LFO. Also included was a simple attack release envelope rounding out the Modulator as a useful utility module.  

Voice of Saturn Voltage Controlled Filter

The Voice of Saturn VCF is based around the CEM 3372 Signal Processor chip. At one point ca. 2006 I wound up with a decent sized amount of these discontinued chips and I decided to design a filter module around them. I also had a great source for joysticks and loved that sort of user […]

Voice of Saturn Sequencer

The Voice of Saturn Sequencer came soon after the VoS Synthesizer and was an expanded take on the Baby 10 sequencer utilizing a cd4017 decade counter at its core. I wanted something that could sequence my Realistic (Moog) MG1 amongst other things so it was important to add an S-Trig output as well as the […]

Voice of Saturn Synthesizer mk I

The Voice of Saturn Synthesizer was the first device I created that bears the Voice of Saturn name. It came out of my own experimentation with the venerable 555 timer IC and was the result of some circuit bending of some known schematic ideas, the basis of which being the Atari Punk Console. Schematic Manual […]

Custom MIDI Wheel Controller

Custom modwheel midi controller with Arduino from Travis Thatcher on Vimeo. Using the Doepfer’s modwheel assembly and an Arduino I built this midi controller for a client that needed a standalone box with a center detented, spring loaded pitch bend control and a free moving volume control. There is a switch that puts the device […]