selected performances



HEARD – Carte Blanche Performance (live saxophone by me)


Heard from Carte Blanche Performance on Vimeo.



Personal Bandana livestream for ShairAir May 29




Voice of Saturn live at The Bridge PAI, Charlottesville, VA 9.28.19.


Space-Saver live at The Golden Pony, Harrisonburg, VA.


The Voice of Saturn live, Goth Night, Charlottesville, VA May 23, 2017.

The Voice of Saturn live, Macrock, Harrisonburg, VA April 8, 2017.

University School Performance, The Bridge PAI, Charlottesville, VA March 2017.

Argonautica. Travis Thatcher, Peter Bussigel, Kevin Davis, recess gallery, New York, NY. Feb 2017.

Kevin Davis, Peter Bussigel, Travis Thatcher from Motoko Fukuyama on Vimeo.


Danger Music No. 85’. Travis Thatcher and Peter Bussigel, NIME Conference, Brisbane Australia. July 2016.

Danger Music No. 3 from triangleline on Vimeo.


Ground Control. Travis Thatcher, Peter Bussigel & Luke Dahl, Charlottesville, VA. December 2015.


Thrum. Ted Coffey and Travis Thatcher, Let There Be Light, Charlottesville, VA. December 2014.


Loft at Superdeluxe in Tokyo and Bears in Osaka, Japan showcasing performances on a custom built modular synthesizer. April 2013.


Urban Remix Times Square. Urban Remix is an inter-department project started by Jason Freeman at Georgia Tech with the goal of allowing users to record and geo-tag sounds from their environments with the use of smart phones. The project includes a web interface that allows users to search the database of these recorded sounds, organized by various musical traits. For the Time Square performances, I composed and performed a piece with sound material collected by students attending workshops in Manhattan. May 20111.


Schau. Open rehearsal, Watermill Center, Watermill, NY Composed score to performance pieces written by scenographer Alexandra Sachs. In addition to working closely with Sachs on the creative aspects of the audio, I setup the sound reinforcement systems used throughout the center for the performance. 2010.

Bent Fest 2010 – workshop focused around DIY soldering basics and the construction of a synthesizer that I designed at Bent Fest 2010 in New York. Also gave a performance using several custom-made devices for the same festival. April 2010.


Presented workshops and concerts at Hamabada Art Center in Jerusalem, Israel as part of the Music Technology program at Georgia Tech. The events were a showcase of the work being done at the Music Technology program at Georgia Tech and included several projects that I was involved with. I helped write and maintain software written in Max/MSP for Haile, a robotic percussionist that gave multiple performances. I also maintained the software and hardware for a performance piece utilizing novel Beat Bug controllers, devices developed at the MIT Media Lab by Gil Weinberg.