Space Saver

Horn and drums come together like matter in a black hole, dense and inescapable. – Bill Meyer, Downbeat Magazine 4/5 Stars

Based in Charlottesville VA, Travis Thatcher (Voice of Saturn, Judi Chicago) and Steve Snider (Golden Glasses, Cataract Camp) utilize saxophones, drums, fx and self-designed electronics to produce a dynamic, wooly wall of noise containing within as much nuance as it does concussive power.

Space-Saver is the real-time combination of Snider and Thatcher’s diverse musical experiences and tastes, including free jazz, doom metal, acid techno, ambient and minimal synth music. SAVE YRSLF is the product of their desire to create an immediate message that is at once accessible and overwhelming, both visceral and spaced out. In a time when we’re all losing space, and in a space where we’re all losing time, soon you’ll have no choice but to SAVE YRSLF!

Personal Bandana

Personal Bandana is a project consisting of Dave Gibson and Travis Thatcher with visual work by Renee Reighart.

voice of saturn

Voice of Saturn utilizes an arsenal of vintage, self designed and modified electronic devices to create thick sonic textures with motorik percussion and rich tape saturation. Sometimes dancable, sometimes drone, sometimes fuzzy, always analog.

“Voice of Saturn’s debut full-length is a kosmiche voyage beyond computer limitations” -Creative Loafing Atlanta

Voice of Saturn – Exitstrategy from Will Mullany on Vimeo.